Maternity Gowns

Hand made maternity gowns, so soft, so stretchy, so comfortable.
Your client's will look and feel beautiful.

Are you looking for a maternity gown in comfortable style, made from super soft and stretchy fabric.

Our range of hand made gowns will amaze you with their fit, quality and elegance.

Maternity gowns designed for pregnancy photography shoots, post pregnancy shoots, newborn shoots, lifestyle shoots, the list is endless, limited only by your imagination.

We have a range of maternity gowns with long, luscious throwing trains, with beautiful bodice wraps, endless style bodices, lace inserts and much much more.

Here's links to a snippet of a few of our maternity gowns:

Angel Maternity Gown: with 2 x 3metre long chiffon throwing trains, a ruched bodice with support, a bodice wrap and mermaid train.
Angel fits all your requirements when you want a 'standout wow gown'

Bonni Maternity Gown: a slim fit gown with a mermaid train, ruched bodice with support and a bodice wrap that offers endless styling options.
Bonni can be bought with the bodice wrap or alternatively as Quinci Deluxe without the bodice wrap.
Either gown will accentuate your mummas features and make her a very happy client

Find all of gorgeous maternity gowns here.

Yes we do sell internationally, due to the sometimes high cost from Australia Post, we prefer to quote accurately and look at a couple of options rather than put it onto the website.
Please note that all duties/taxes in the receiving country are the responsibility of the client not Tygr Cubs Photography Props.
If you are unsure what dutie/taxes apply to your country please contact your local postal service as each country is different, thank you.